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DWT/RC 600/SY Checkweigher

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DWT/RC 600/SY Checkweigher in Checkweighers
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DWT/RC 600/SY Checkweigher
Product code: WK-106-0029
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Max: 600kgd: 200g
Automatic checkweigher DWT/RC series is a device designed to control heavy loads or cumulative products. It provides full control of goods transported on a processing line. The device is manufactired... More ››
Maximum capacity [Max]: 600kg
Readability [d]: 200g

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DWT/RC 10/SY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 10/HY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 15/HY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 15/SY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 30/SY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 30/HY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 150/SY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 150/HY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 600/HY Checkweigher
DWT/RC 600/SY Checkweigher
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Automatic checkweigher DWT/RC series is a device designed to control heavy loads or cumulative products. It provides full control of goods transported on a processing line. The device is manufactired in a stanless steel version. Automatic scale DWT/RC series is equipped with a terminal HY series ensuring stability and reliability of operation. The HY controller despite simple construction provides extended possibilities of cooperation with peripheral devices and supplies a set of informative-controlling signals which simplify integration with a processing line. The terminal HY series features full alphanumeric keyboard, and touch screen display which enables very simple and intuitive checkweigher operation.

Automatic checkweigher DWT/RC/HY series is designed to control single goods according to customers regulations or according to current regulation on Control of Packaged Goods. The checkweigher can operate in dynamic or static mode. DWT/RC series is attested by NIH.

Main applications:
·         agri-food industry,
·         chemical industry
·         meat industry
·         tobacco industry
·         distilling industry,
·         engineering industry,
·         brewing industry,
·         transport, shipping.

  • Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Control of Packaged Goods,
  • Control of goods in accordance with customer regulations,
  • Acquiring data on controlled goods,
  • Database of products,
  • Database of operators,
  • Definable access levels for scale users,
  • Statistics conducted in real time,
  • Reports generated automatically in accordance with the weighing mode
  • Cooperation with peripheral devices in a processing line,
  • Remote control,
  • Cooperation with computer software,
  • Static weighing mode.
Cooperation with peripheral devices
Automatic checkweigher DWT/RC series is prepared to cooperate with peripheral devices, and devices form a processing line. I/O set provides broad configuration possibilities and full integration of the scale with an existing processing line.
  • Printout on thermal printers,
  • Remote control,
  • Records on weighments stored on an external computer,
  • Control over additional conveyors,
  • Cooperation with dosing device with feedback.
Implementation options:
  • Feeding conveyor with function of separating packages,
  • Discrimination of defective goods by weight,
  • Separate discriminating set for "too light" and "too heavy" goods,
  • Sounder and/or Warning tower lights,
  • Cooperation with dosing device with feedback,
  • Cooperation with printer,
  • Software for keeping records from weighing processes.
Maximum capacity [Max]



Minimum load



Readability [d]



Tare range




5.7” resistive colour touchscreen


Protection class

IP 55



0.1-0.5 m/s


Communication interface

RS232, RS485


Operating temperature

-10 — +40



max 50 pcs/min


Sorting checkweigher for products separation
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