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THBR 2.0 system enables measuring, saving, storing and presenting ambient conditions: temperature, pressure and air humidity.
THBR 2.0 consists of:
  • THBR Box ambient conditions recorder
  • THB S, THB P, THB W sensors for ambient conditions measurement
  • THB Single / THB Multi software
  • Android application
  • Website
  • R Cloud service
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    THBR BOX module is used for collecting and storing data. It is an autonomous measuring device operating in a local computer network. Communication with THBR BOX can be established wireless or via Ethernet.

    The module enables direct connection with up to 4 sensors. With use of USB hub it is possible to connect greater number of sensors. Each sensor has its own identification number that is assigned to measurements saved to the database.

    Ambient conditions monitoring can be carried out via dedicated Android application, Windows software (THB Single / THB Multi) or website.

    Android application enables presenting current and archival results of ambient conditions measurements on mobile devices operating in the local network. The application makes it possible to switch between THBR Box modules and sensors operating in the local network.

    THB Single/Multi software presents current ambient conditions values and stores archival measurements in Windows system. The data can be presented as reports or graphs and printed out.

    Another form of data presentation is a website generated automatically upon connecting THBR Box module to the monitor. The website can be accessed via local network in which the module operates. It enables carrying out all crucial activities related with ambient conditions monitoring, e.g. presentation of data and graphs and module configuration.

    R Cloud service offers record and preview of measurement results from few sensors concurrently which can be done from any place in the world with Internet.

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