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PUE HX7 Indicator

The PUE HX7 indicator is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and features IP 68/69. The indicator allows to design multifunctional 1 or 4-load cell scales operating under harsh industry conditions.

It is equipped with 7" display and membrane keyboard. Clear menu and intuitive information arrangement on the display guarantee comfortable operation. 9-diode bar graph can operate in three modes: 'linear', 'weighing thresholds signalling' and 'checkweighing'. The bar graph significantly increases the comfort of indicator operation during piecework in food industry when fast and unambiguous presentation of product mass deviation in comparison with the declared min and max values is crucial.

A modular structure of the indicator enables installing additional modules and communication interfaces inside. PUE HX7 indicator of standard design offers RS232, RS 485, Ethernet, 4 IN/4OUT and USB type A interfaces.

There are 7 databases: users, products, weighings, packaging, formulations, customers) and ALIBI memory which guarantees stored data safety.

Use of the optional battery makes operation of the PUE HX7 indicator possible even when there is either no or unstable power supply.

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