ZT 220 Zebra Printer

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Código de producto: WX-007-0062


Whether you are adopting barcode technology for the first time or upgrading existing printer models, the ZT200 series is the right choice for a variety of labeling applications. This innovative new printer provides many user benefits.
The ZT200 series offers a streamlined design and smaller footprint that takes up less physical space than the Stripe and S4M models. ZT200 series printers require minimal operator training and benefit from tool-less standard component maintenance and a durable design to minimize service. Your IT staff will appreciate the backwards compatibility, since it allows for new printers to be up and running with minimal time and effort. The ZT200 series has been designed for ease of use, versatility and outstanding value.

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Microbalanzas MYA 4Y.P
Microbalanzas UYA 4Y.F y MYA 4Y.F
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Balanzas analíticas AS 3Y
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Analizadores de Humedad MA 3Y
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