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Barcode scanner model Symbol LS2208 is a manual device designed for operation in adverse industrial conditions. Symbol LS2208 is ready to cooperate with RADWAG indicators and balances, models: PUE C/41H, PUE 5, PUE 7.1, HY10, PUE C32, 3Y, 4Y, R2, X2.
Symbol LS2208 is a high quality hand-held barcode scanner. It has been designed for intense and continuous operation in retail sales, libraries, health centers and pharmacy, etc. Its light and ergonomic casing provides comfort of use. The functions of dynamic scanning and wide scanning range, enable Ls2208 to collect barcodes in a quick and reliable way, increasing work pace and efficiency. Intellistand™ system provides scanning of codes placed in front of the scanner, and easy switching between hand-held and handfree mode (operation on a stand). A patented design of a single printed-circuit board eliminates failure endangered parts, i.e. connections between multiple boards. Scanning part of LS2208 with liquid polymere protects its module from shock based damages. Symbol LS2208 features like integrated operation of various systems, universal cable or new symbols detection guarantee indispensable protection of an investment now and in the future.


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