Calibration of mass standards

Calibration of mass standards and weights for accreditation purposes includes:
  • Mass standards and weights of E1 class from 1 mg to 500 mg;
  • Mass standards and weights of E2 class from 1 mg to 1 kg;
  • Mass standards and weights of F1, F2, M1, M2 and M3 classes from 1 mg to 1000 kg;
  • Mass standards of 25 kg;
  • Weights from 1 to 20 kg.
Mass standards calibration comprises both, estimation of mass standard weight with expanded uncertainty and issuing the Calibration Certificate. Additionally mass standards adjustment is also possible (ie. setting the mass standard close to permissible error limits for a given class or close to tolerance limits specified by the client – if only this is technically possible) as well as assessment of compliance with requirements specified by the ordering party.
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