Moisture analyzers MAX
  Moisture analyzers are measuring instruments designed specially for determination of moisture content in relatively small samples of various substances.
Moisture analyzer MAX feature backlit graphic display, which makes the instrument's interface transparent and easy to use. User menu includes data base with 99 drying procedures, with specified drying parameters for each entry (i.e. substance name, its number, ID, etc).

Moisture analyzer MAX features:
- easy operation provided by backlit graphic display;
- standard and non-standard applications;
- available software language versions: Polish, English, German, French,   Spanish, Russian, Czech;
- menu operation with peripheral PC keyboard;
- data base with 99 drying procedures;
- drying profiles (standard, mild, step, rapid);
- finish mode (manual, automatic, time defined);
- visualization of drying process
- GLP/GMP printouts and reports

Maximal capacity of moisture analyzer series MAX is 50 g /0,1 mg (60 g/1 mg). Maximal drying temperature is 160°C (an extra cost option is moisture analyzer with drying temperature upgraded to 250°C).

Each moisture analyzer is equipped with aluminum weighing pan with dimensions ø 90mm.

A MAX moisture analyzer with a specially designed kit for determining water vapour permeablitity through samples of different substance.
2 years
warranty period
Product folder
User manual
Declaration of conformity
Permeability of water vapour
Technical data: MAX 50/1 MAX 50 MAX 60
Max capacity 50 g 60 g
Reading unit 0,1 mg 1 mg 1 mg
Tare range -50 g -60 g
Max mass of sampling 50 g 60 g
Accuracy of moisture reading 0,0001 % 0,001 %
Repeatability +/-0,05% (sample ~ 2g), +/-0,01% (sample ~ 10g)
Maximal height of the tested sample h= 20 mm
Pan size ø 90 mm, h= 20 mm
Range of drying temperature max. 160° C    
Heating module IR emitter
Drying modes 4 drying modes (standard, quick,step, mild)
Auto switch off options 3 modes(manual, automatic, time defined)
Aditional functions sample identification, drying diagram
Power of heating device 400 W
Working temperature +10° - +40 °C
Power supply 230V 50Hz AC or 110V 60Hz AC
Display graphic (backlit)
Net weight/Gross weight 5,1/7,2 kg
Packaging size 520×390×435 mm
* Moisture analyzer available with upgraded maximum drying temperature to 250°C
** Optional heating module:
WH -halogen (max= 250°C)
NS - metal heater (max= 160°C)
Kafka thermal printerAntistatic cable PA1
Epson impact printerDisposable pans
"PW-WIN" computer softwareSet for determination of water vapour permeability
"RAD-KEY" computer softwareControl thermometer GT105k-12/Z
E2R Moisture AnalyzerCable RS 232 (scale - Kafka printer) "P0136"
PC keyboardCable RS 232 (scale - computer) "P0108"
Mass standardCable RS 232 (scale, Epson, Citizen printer) "P0151"
IR emitter 
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