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Dear customer,
RADWAG team attentively analyzes your opinion and tries to satisfy your demands. It is our goal to make RADWAG offer meet your expectations as much as possible.

In order to respond to your requests, we have established a new e-mail address: If you feel like making any suggestion on the purchased product, be welcomed to use it.

Please feel invited to share any reflections with us, even such ones that seem to be insignificant. Just like a great journey starts with one small step, so may the remarkable improvement of our products happen thanks to your suggestions and comments.
If you need any help when it comes to your device start-up, its setting or installation, submit your problem to .

Please provide as detailed information concerning your problem as possible, let the technician find out your device type or PC software version. RADWAG helpdesk shall widely support you using the data provided.

We would like to thank you in advance for taking your time and e-mailing us. RADWAG guarantees that every single message is read carefully and that all the senders are supplied with a response.
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