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Product code: WX-010-0005


Establishing cooperation between a weighing instrument and a computer:

  • replacing a comma with a dot (useful when exporting data to Excel spreadsheet);
  • Hot key (i.e. function keys from F1 to F12) triggering mass readout from a weighing instrument;
  • data acquired from a weighing instrument are read as text or numeric values.
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Compatible with

UYA 4Y and MYA 4Y Microbalances
UYA 4Y.F and MYA 4Y.F Microbalances
AS 3Y Analytical Balances
AS R Analytical Balances
AS X2 Analytical Balances
XA 4Y.F Analytical Balances
PS 3Y Precision Balances
WLY Precision Balances
WLC Precision Balances
WLC C/2 Precision balances
WTC Precision Balances
PS R2.H Precision Balances
PS R1 Precision Balances
PS R2 Precision Balances
PS X2 Precision Balances
PM 4Y Precision Balances
PM C32 Precision Balances
MA 3Y Moisture Analyzers
MA R Moisture Analyzers
WPT Platform scales
WPT H Waterproof Platform Scales
WPT HR Waterproof Platform Scales
WPW Multifunctional Scales
WPY Multifunctional Scales
WPW H Stainless steel Multifunctional Scales
WPT/4C Platform Scales
WPT/4 H Stainless Steel Platform Scales
WPT/4 H/Z Stainless Steel Platform Scales, pit version
WPT/4N/H Stainless Steel Ramp Scales
WPT/4P pallet scales
WPT/4P/H Stainless Steel Pallet Scales
WPT/4P2 Beam Scales
WPT/4P2/H Stainless steel Beam Scales
WPT 4I/S livestock scales
WPT 4I/H Stainless steel livestock scales
WPT 2K Overhead Track Scales
WPT 2K/H Stainless steel overhead track scales
PS 3Y Balances for PGC
WLY Scales for PGC
WPY Scales for PGC
WPT/O Personal scales
WPT/OW Personal scales
WPT/D Baby scales
WPT/4B Bed scales
WPT/8B Ramps bed scales
WPW/T/H/FH Waterproof Control Scales
WPW/T/HR/FH Waterproof control scales
UYA.4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparators
WAY.4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparators
APP.4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparators
XA.4Y.A.KB Manual Mass Comparators
XA 4Y Analytical Balances
XA 4Y.A Analytical Balances
MAS Modules
MPS Modules
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