PowerScan D8330AR Barcode Scanner

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Product code: WX-006-0007


Power scanner D8330AR is a handheld device designed for exploitation in adverse industrial conditions. The scanner has an increased reading range and it is compatible with:
  • PUE C41 H
  • PUE 5
  • TMC
D8330 features new technology 3GL ( three green lights) which results in excellent reading parameters. Patented “Green Spot” directly in the code and double red diodes on the surface and underneath the cover facilitate higher clarity of information under various user accounts. High reading parameters are enhanced by patented PuzzleSolver – technology of fast and precise standard reading. The mechanics of D8330 has been developed and tested against extremely hard environmental conditions, maintaining stable reading throughput and reliability. The ergonomic casing is light and well-balanced to ensure optimal comfort of operation. Built-in metal hook designed for the use in a suspended position facilitates higher work throughput of a workstation.
Multiple interfaces: RS 232, keyboard, Wand Emulation and USB make it a versatile device.


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