PA-02/H Automatic Feeder

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Product code: WX-001-0042


Automatic feeder PA-02/H is intended to automatic dosing of parts and objects having small dimensions, in particular pills and capsules, and also small mechanical components. The PA-02/H if connected to a balance .3Y series enables fast statistical control in accordance with determined requirements.
Design and functionality:
The automatic feeder comprises of 3 main components, including an oscillator, a feeder with a dispenser and a detector of objects to be dosed.
The oscillating system is excited to generate vibration of an appropriate characteristics. The oscillations are transferred onto a cylindrical feeder containing elements to be dosed. The oscillations cause arranging of the elements placed in the dispenser. The stepped structure of the dispenser causes movement of the elements to be dosed towards the chute. An element appearing in the chute is recorded by a detector that sends a signal stopping the oscillator. After weighing a dispensed element on a balance, the system repeatedly activates the oscillating system to dose another element.
The automatic feeder features a universal structure connectable to various models of a balance .3Y series depending on expected measurement accuracy. The balance enables controlling operation of the PA-02/H for automatic start and stop and changing feeding frequency of elements. The elements fed to a balance (such as pills) are weighed and statistically assessed. The automatic feeder dispenses another sample onto the balance on receiving a controlling command.


IP rating IP 34 
Power supply 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 ÷ 60 Hz 
Power consumption 8 W 
Operating temperature +5 ÷ +40 °C
70 mm
Device dimensions 265×255×230 mm
Net weight 22,3 kg
Communication interface RS 232 
Diameter of fed objects ø 3 ÷ 10 mm
Feeder diameter ø 180 mm
Feeder speed 1 ÷ 15 pcs/min 
Controling external, from balance level 


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